What is Global Innovation Coop Summit?

Global Innovation Coop Summit creates a space dedicated to cooperative leaders from all sectors to share, exchange, learn and build together a more inclusive plural economy.

This event will address new trends in the fields of social, technological and managerial innovation.

By discussing innovative ideas, the Summit aims to inspire, promote and foster the development of cooperative enterprises around the globe.

Core Values

Since 2020, our virtual events have explored new trends in technological and social innovation aiming to prepare and inspire cooperative leaders to be more agile, creative and resilient.

The pandemic has exacerbated inequalities producing economic, societal and environmental problems. It has pushed companies to the limits of their ingenuity. Organizations that have been able to adapt quickly to workforce losses, supply chain disruptions, go-to-market pressures and rapidly changing customer expectations have survived. The profound changes left in the wake of the pandemic raises many challenges that involve societal, climatic, leadership and technological transitions. This has major impacts on our business model. Are we ready for these challenges?

Speakers will share what they believe can provide the best opportunities to build a better, more inclusive, more responsible and environmentally friendly world.

Past virtual gatherings

November 2020

During the first virtual edition, the Summit discussed new trends in the areas of innovation, leadership, and technology preparing the cooperative sector for the new challenges that we are facing and will continue to face in the coming years.

April 2021

The virtual Summit was back to demonstrate that innovation is not just limited to technology and showcased the unique ability of cooperatives to consistently adapt and innovate to meet their members changing needs.

September 2021

The Summit discussed leading concerns about the future of digital life. “Are we missing something?... Humans?”

November 2021

The last virtual addressed the impact of globalization on our cooperative identity and how global solutions inspire leaders to solve regional problems.

Global Innovation Coop Summit
will be an interactive hybrid event

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The Summit is intended for those who wish to:

Learn from master practitioners in the fields
of Leadership and Social Entrepreneurship

Get rich insights from leading
organizations innovation best practices.

Maximize business resources in the world of connectivity and remote work

Find new markets and business opportunities

Improve corporate governance in the global environment

Build a more inclusive and equal world

The founders

"We work together and share all our ideas. We believe in the cooperative business model and the best it has to offer: sharing of wealth and power, inclusion for all genders, an economy based on the well-being of humanity, which respects and preserves the environment. We believe in innovations that will help make it happen"

Jean Louis

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If you would like to help Global Innovation Coop Summit financially and turn it into an even more inspiring, educational, and challenging event, please email Christina Procopio: christina@globalinnovation.coop.

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