Global Innovation
Coop Summit's 2nd edition

April 20, 2021

The 2nd edition of the Global Innovation Coop Summit took place on April 20, 2021 and was completely digital and free.

The 2 hours live event was designed to be a space dedicated to the leaders and experts of cooperatives and all those who wanted to learn about cooperative modernity through social innovation to build a more inclusive plural economy.

The main goal

of this Global Innovation Coop Summit edition was

1st to demonstrate that innovation is not just limited to technology but is also a relevant concept in other fields.

2nd to show that all over the world cooperatives are leading players in social innovation.

Rose Marley

Before joining Co operatives UK as Chief Executive in January 2021, Rose Marley has been leading the way in highlighting the crucial role that cooperatives as real gig. She illustrated the way for everyone to handle his own destiny through cooperative platforms to tackle nowadays needs in such fields as labor or care.

Dr. Fotis Filippopoulos

Corporate Innovation Specialist awarded explained the major capacities which cooperatives should handle to overcome the difficulties the world is going through. Beyond being resistant he insisted on the importance to be “anti-fragile”.

3 inspiring cooperative pioneers
describe the way their innovation capacities in the social field are changing people’s lives

Osamu Nakano

Osamu Nakano

Nakano presented the way to take care of elderly people, in Japan, thanks to disabled persons working in a workers’ cooperative.

Sarah Jensen

Sarah Jensen

from Canada, explain even being only 23 she made through her engagement into a housing cooperative she is making her community vivider.

Arnaud Blanchard

Arnaud Blanchard

Arnaud Blanchard explained how through a “data cooperative” everyone could handle its own data finding the right balance between respect of privacy and serving the common good.